Obviously, these are common mistakes men make when they meet girls:

1. They try too hard to act nice:

When met meet girls, they try to be really nice, but often they try too hard. They may act nice, quiet and soft to be seen as sensitive. In fact, girls like to be with men that share many things in common. If girls tend to be flirty, they expect men to respond in the same way. Girls don’t always look for good boys who follow rules. Men shouldn’t be mentally restricted by being worried about what girls may thing about them.

Girls respect men who stand up for themselves and don’t care with what other people think. Men who always follow rules set by the society could become weak individuals who get only scraps. Sometimes, girls’ reptilian brains simply take over and they could on autopilot. Girls are sometimes not logical and make sense during their hunt for mates.

Three Biggest Mistakes Men Make When They Meet Girls

2. They try to be agreeable:

Many men try to be the Mr. Nice Guy all the time, but this could become a major turn off. Men also need to be tough, aggressive and gruff sometimes. If they are so agreeable, how can they survive out there. Men should say something if they don’t like something. They need to make their voice heard and don’t give up much too easily. Girls may lose respect for the Mr. Always Nice.

It’s alright to be angry when it is necessary and apologize when the situation requires it. Women actually love men who are strong and firm. They’ll make love, clean and cook for such men. Women need to be told who’s the boss and this can be a major turn on. Of course, it doesn’t mean that men should be intimidating. They should also be able to show gentle love among the manly firmness.

Men should be able to control their feeling. If they feel anxious, scared and nervous; women are likely to feel the same. So it is important to come across as confident, calm, grounded, powerful and strong.

3. They talk quietly:

Women simply can’t stand it to be with men who talk in low volume and behave real wimpy. They should turn the volume up, because talking to people who say things quietly can be irritating. Women will strain to hear and this can be very frustrating for them. If the music is too loud, don’t lean and talk into her ear. Men should raise their volume up to be heard among the noise.

When men speak forcefully enough, women will listen and they could eventually lean into these men to hear more clearly. That’s a good progress. Just be solid and don’t lean to girl, because they expect the other way. Men should lead and not be lead. They need to pull women and grab their hands. This shouldn’t happen the other way around.

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