If you feel pain while passing out fecal matter, if you experience bleeding from the anus or if you have difficulty in bowel movements, you might be suffering from piles. Also known as Hemorrhoids, this medical condition is caused due to swollen blood vessels in the rectum. They become stretched, thin and irritated during bowel movements, which causes the pain. However, you can use Himalaya Pilex Ointment, which is an effective remedy to treat piles.

There are two types of Hemorrhoids or the vessels that cause piles. One is the Internal Hemorrhoids, which are so far inside the rectum that you might not even feel the pain. However, you may witness bleeding. Pain is usually not felt because there are only a few pain sensing nerves in the rectum.

The second type is External Hemorrhoids, which usually happen when the internal vessels enlarge or protrude outside the anus. You can see them or notice extra pinkish skin around the area. Since anus region has pain sensing nerves, the prolapse vessels will cause pain. Blood clots can also be caused in these hemorrhoids. So, it is essential to treat them using Himalaya Pilex Ointment. The ointment can reduce the pain and the inflammation which can help in reducing the severity of piles.


While no specific treatment is recommended for piles, patients are usually suggested that they use topical ointments like Himalaya Pilex Ointment because these ointments can help in relieving the pain. By reducing the inflammation around the area, the ointment helps in getting those vessels back inside the rectum. Meanwhile, patients are suggested to increase their fiber intake and hydrate themselves more to reduce healing time.

The ointment is an effective remedy for following indications of piles,

  • Itching
  • Pregnancy induced hemorrhoids
  • Fissures
  • Discomfort and pain due to constipation
  • Discomfort and pain at the anus

How Himalaya Pilex Works?

Fissures can cause pain in bowel movement. The ointment heals cuts and fissures while reducing itching (which usually causes fissures). This helps in better bowel movement. Similarly, people with constipation often experience piles. By applying this ointment on the anus before bowel movement, you can soothe the mucosal wall and easily evacuate the feces, helping in reducing the pain and discomfort with piles.

You should consider using this ointment after bowel movement as well. This can help reduce the pain while vessels move back into the rectum.

How to Use Himalaya Pilex?

Always wash the applicator before use. Apply the medicine before and after bowel movement. Make sure that the applicator is regularly washed warm water and soap for hygiene. The applicator can be reused.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No, the ointment is safe to use. Studies have indicated that no side effects have been observed with the use of Pilex Ointment.

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