NIT – National Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious engineering institutes in India. More than 1 lakh aspirants appear for in the entrance test every year to make it to the NIT’s. The way to get through to NIT was AIEEE earlier which is now replaced by JEE.

Cracking Your Way To NIT - Preparation and Study Tips

The admission depends on the score acquired in jee. Highly focused study and preparation levels are the prerequisites of cracking NIT. Young aspirants who want to make their way to NIT need to follow a few things that are mentioned below:

  1. Set Your Goals:

It is very important to have a firm determination to make your way to institutes like IIT and NIT. You need to have your hopes high and work on getting your goal fulfilled. Staying optimistic will help you believe that you can do it and this approach will work in your favor. Instead of panicking, keep chanting a mantra to yourself, I can do it. This will encourage you to work harder and will make you confident about yourself.

  1. Schedule your hours of study:

Choosing random time to study every day might not let you focus as much. There should be a specific time in the day that you dedicate to your studies. It keeps your brain prepared and will enhance your concentration level. Divide time to be given to each subject. It is always good to finish the syllabus of each subject one by one. If you take all the subjects together, there will be too many concepts in your brain at one time and that will do nothing but confuse you.So, take up one subject at a time and pay complete attention on the same while studying for it.

  1. Collect appropriate study material

Make sure you have all the study material with you. Do not overload yourself with endless guide books. Refer to a few good ones that help you and not confuse you. JEE main rank predictor provides all the required topics and is an efficient source for your preparation. It gives you an idea of the pattern of the question paper. Having all the study material in advance and on hand will let you have an early start.

  1. Work on your weaknesses:

There are certain topics wherein you must not be very confident. Don’t be nervous about them. Instead, work hard on them. Take them up over and over again. Give your weak points a little more time than you give to your strengths. Practicing them regularly will clear your concepts and you will not find them difficult anymore.

  1. Focus on the weight

If you see the syllabus, you will notice that there is different weight age give to different topics. The maximum questions in the question paper will include the topics that weigh more. And being prepared well for these topics will help you solve the major part of the paper. But do not leave the topics with less weight aside. Prepare for them too as there will be questions from that part as well. Go with 100 percent preparation to get great scores.

  1. Keep time for revision

Do keep ample time for revision as and when you finish your syllabus. Revision is essential to brush up everything that you have studied so you don’t forget anything. It will also bring to your notice if there is anything you have missed on. It will strengthen your knowledge even more. Revise as many times as possible as this will keep everything you have studied freshly stored in your mind.

It’s not rocket science to crack NIT entrance test. Take the right steps and you are definite to make your way to crack it.

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