Anybody trying these outside gadgets may want to bring a pair of curtains.For though they look and feel more like huge goldfish bowls, these newest inventions are in fact totally clear inflatable dome tent

With unbelievable panoramic views of the nearby countryside, the bizarre clear structures are designed to get populace as close to nature as likely.

But they are far from the customary camping trip – decked out with wardrobe, shelves and electric lights, the bubble look more like a movable hotel room than a usual tent.

launch this year, the structures could be now be hired out at sites crossways France for around £400 pound a night.

And since then British traveler have been flocking to the condition to try out the new camp experience. French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas said his ‘BubbleTree’ creation are ‘unusual huts for unusual nights’. He explained: ‘Having a night beneath the stars or seeing the sun rise as well as set is not something that numerous people experience any longer.

How To Use Clear Inflatable Dome Tent

‘A normal tent or else camper van means populace miss out on these things.

‘So I designed this strange shelter with the aspire of offering an strange experience under the stars whilst keeping all the soothe of a bedroom suite.

‘The ceiling of the bubble has the Milky Way, visitors will be capable to enjoy this as well as the amazing light deviation of the sunset and sunrise.’

The ‘bubbles’ are intended for two adults however can be adapted to comprise a smaller kids’s bedroom.

One design, named the CristalBubble, is totally transparent, giving a 360 degree view of the adjacent countryside.

But for the more private individual, Mr Dumas has as well created another, which he calls a ‘cocooning’ edition of the Cristal design.

This is totally opened to the sky however a surrounding wall means the occupant can not be seen from the outer surface.

Another design, named the BubbleLodge, is more like a villa than a room as well as is built with an added space that can either be used as a bathroom or else smaller bedroom.

Once the ‘bubble’ is inflated, it is kept in shape with an airlock at the entry and a silent pump, which keep a constant pressure on the adjacent ‘walls’.

Outside sound is kept to a least amount while indoor noise is magnified, which, as said by Mr Dumas, encourages the occupant to create a passive atmosphere by whispering.

As well as hire the structures, they can as well be bought absolute for around 7,500 pounds.

Mr Dumas added: ‘For me, Bubble huts are a place separately where you can rest, breathe or else just stand back.’

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