Recently, astonishing news has been heard that the jumping sturgeon jumped over a tourist boat and attacked the boaters. And it also became the cause of the death of a little girl about the age of 5. Her loving mother and elder brother, who was around 9, also injured by the attacking fish. Inspite of being available on the spot, the father of the injured children could save without being wounded.  But this matter just surprised the whole world that a fish can kill a human! Even jumping on a boat! It’s really surprising.

Man Slaughter  By A Fish

From the report, which was made on Saturday, it came to know that,  the small family, included by father, mother and their children, went on a family fun ride with their one of family friends. It was a quite enjoyable ride indeed.  It was at the time of the ride. But suddenly, the jumping sturgeon fishes tried to jump over the boats and attacked the peoples of the boat. They injured the little girl, named Jaylon Rippy. It was obviously a fatal attack and it compelled to die the poor child. These cruel fishes also attacked her mother and elder brother also as filmed by fox news live stream. But fortunately her father could escape narrowly.

After this incident, the injured people were taken to the nearest hospital, in order to get primary and better treatment. It had found that the mother or those children got several injuries on her face, especially around her eyes. Her nine year son also suffered from arm broken and pains in his body. The wounded people informed the police and the forest authority and let the news be reached in the social media. The police rescued the baby girl’s dead body and transferred it to her family after following some formalities.

The family blamed the forest authority for their kind of miserable condition. But the authority refused to take this blame on their shoulder. They declared it as an accident. Moreover, they said that, these types of fishes used to carry a very heavy weight and height and also used to jump even seven-eight feet high. They usually jump at the time of night when they swim with a group. So, the family should not ride on the boat at night, whenever there was a high risk of being attacked by such fishes and other kinds of wild animal. But the family tries to collect the money from the forest authority for their daughter’s death, her funeral program and also the medical costs of them.

   Whatever! It was actually an accident and the moods of the natural animals cannot be understood or controlled by the human. So, whenever, you are going to have any journey in very close to the nature, you should overlook the risky sides of them. It only hopes that, no parents of siblings or friends should lose their dear ones like Jaylon. Hope her soul may rest in peace. And the God gives strength to her parents to overcome this grief of losing their lovely children.