Are you wondering what characteristics and special things make a good writer? What is it about a writer that makes him or her stand out? It’s considered that writing is easy. Kids can write an essay if you give them enough time and incentive, but there is little guarantee it will be good. What actually separates okay writers from good writers?

A good writer provides a new angle every time

Paid academic writers will have to write the same type of papers many times during their career. A poor quality writer will use the same notes, same points and same research material every time. A writer, who knows what he is doing, will hit the topic from a new angle, approach the same topic with an original point of view. It is a sign that the writer is invested in his or her own work.

The work of a good writer is not repetitive

It is possible to mechanically write an essay almost like a robot and go over the same point repeatedly whenever you make an argument for it or against it. A poor quality writer will chew up word count with repetition. It is an easy way to reach a certain word count without putting in as much effort as he or she should do.

The poor quality writer will not copy and paste sections of the essay, but will re-write the same points again and again. For example, instead of writing X is bad because of A, B and C. The poor quality writer will write, X is bad because A, X is bad because B, and X is bad because C.

The best writer always meets the deadline

If you want to find a decent writer, then try where you can find essay-writing services full of them. They only deal with companies that meet their clients’ deadlines and every writer should always do the job within a specified deadline.

A good writer adds his or her personality and voice to each piece

As an academic writer, it is very easy to write the same essay over and over again in a robotic fashion. He will add a bit of originality to each piece.

A decent writer makes good points!

This is the most obvious argument for any writer who would meet your highest criteria. People can take advanced degrees in written English, but if they write essays and fail to make any good or defendable points, then you can hardly call them the best writers.

A great writer will bend spelling and grammar rules for the common good

In order to make an impact on the reader or to help a reader understand, a good writer will bend the rules of spelling and grammar. People that stick to every rule like robots will write very clinical and sterile pieces of work. The difference between a good and bad writer is that the first one does it on purpose, whereas the second one does it frequently because he or she doesn’t know any better.

An excellent writer doesn’t need testimonials

If you are good at what you do, then your work should speak for itself. Even a small sample of a new writer’s work should be enough to allow his or her greatness to show through.

A good writer doesn’t have his or her own name on many things

Good commercial writers will sell almost everything they write. This means they have very little content on the Internet that is their own work unless the work is sold in books and journals for commercial purposes. A writer, that you would like to work for you, will have little to show for his or her efforts online because everything written is sold to people that put their own names to the work. Some may keep the name of the writer on their website, but usually other people opt for putting their own name, their company name, or the name of their brand/website on the text.