Role Of HR Manager In Employee RetentionResearch has proved that the reason why people change or remain in their job will bear resemblance all over the world. The human resource management jobs in Islamabad or in other organizations need to constantly investigate and find ways of retaining their workforce especially the best workers.

One way of ensuring that workers are motivated and hence retain them is by having a good manager or supervisor. Managers should be trained on communication skills that allow them to correspond openly to their juniors, recognize when good work has been done and more so do this consistently. Staff should be give freedom to perform their duties. In addition, a good superior should work towards establishing teamwork in his/her department.

Top on the list of most workers is career development, and the way to ensure this is by allowing your workforce to learn and grow in their profession. Offer them study leave or even pay for their studies if you can afford. Employees also look for a job that is challenging, exciting and helps them grow their personal lives.

Most of the time money is never the main cause of employees exiting a company. Rather, most of the time displeasure with the management drives workers to change jobs. Anytime the management is considered unreasonable, employees take the opportunity to include money in the equation. The mistake most business owners do is adding salaries to complaining workers in the hope it will help retain them. But they fail to see that they are simply addressing the warning signs and not the root causes of discontent.

Anytime one of your best employee leaves for a better job, rather than blaming the staff blame the manager in that particular department. It is the duty of the manager to provide a favorable working environment. These are some of the facts that every human resource management team needs to work on in order to maintain their best workforce.